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About the Designer

Cerca Trova is an accessory line inspired by the Old World and designed for the New Economy. With the deterioration of common commodities and currencies comes a resurgence in the forgotten and most powerful forms of capitol -- Loyalty, Courage, Perseverance, Hope -- a return to the belief systems on which civilizations were built and the goods and services traded by men and women before the Internet, the media and the mighty dollar were rendered royal.

Anthony Scirpoli, the entrepreneurial success responsible for the cross-genre successes of DrumBums Global (Trend sets for numerous celebrities, athletes, and musicians in all fashion, Indy rock and urban hip-hop genres), has launched Cerca Trova to reinstate this lost sense of value. He designs jewelry to be shared among friends and lovers, worn with pride and comfort, and experienced not only as aesthetic delight but as the idolotry of self-expression and encouragement, the undying social symbols of community, unity and immunity to trivial pursuits.

Cerca Trova's Roman-inspired cross-ring chains, leather cuffs and belts are handmade and one of a kind. The stainless steel pieces are low maintenance, retaining their luster eternally, making them the ideal emblems of meaning and memory. The leather pieces combine the durability of a gladiator's armor with the austerity of an Emperor's ceremonial dress. They are at once ancient in their intent and current in their appeal.

Only in the beholder's mind can physical possessions achieve more-than-material worth, aid in overcoming insolvable difficulties, and grant power to their possessors. Cerca Trova provides this opportunity. Seek and you shall find.